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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - From Thought to Action!

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I didn't realize how much I relied on lists until I did my 30 Day Life Improvement Plan on this blog---and on  There I was doing lists galore, from listing people that supported you to listing what you're grateful for.  I've found lists to be a helpful way of getting your ideas out of you head and onto paper in a quick, orderly fashion.  After all, it's much easier to read items on a list than to read them in a paragraph.

So today's bite-sized type is to create a list when you're unsure of your priorities or when you'd simply like to relieve your mind from its concerns.  You can check out my Weekly Coaching Challenges  at Optimal Habits to learn more about clearing the mind of its concerns.

In honor of this post, I'll list how to turn a "concern" list of into an action list.  ; )

1.  List your concerns

2.  Cross out the thoughts which repeat

3. Underline the conerns which are important to you.

4.  Highlight the concerns, you want to work on this week.

5.  Schedule the concerns into your calendar...or when making your daily to-do list, refer to your list of concerns for actions to incorporate into your day.

From thought to action!  Hope everyone benefits from doing this exercise. 

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