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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Planting Positive Thoughts

Today's post is a follow up to last week's article "Pulling Out the Weeds."  You can view last Tuesday's Tip by clicking here.

So assuming that everyone has had a chance to  respond to the questions from last week's article and managed to track any negative comments made about them.  Here are the action steps to work on uncovering and dislodging your limiting beliefs.

1.  Review the list of limiting beliefs which you made last week.

2.  Review or create a list of the negative comments which you caught yourself saying over the past week.

3.  See if these negative comments supported your current limiting beliefs or did they reveal additional limiting beliefs? 

4.  If you did make negative comments about yourself, are you surprised by that comments which you expressed?

5.  How are your limiting beliefs keeping you from living the life that you would like to live?
6.  Do you surround yourself with people who support and share your limiting beliefs?

7.  Imagine yourself without your most powerful limiting belief and describe how you would behave.  What actions would you take?  How would you move your body?  Relate to others?  What would your overall behavior be like? 
8.  For 3/more of the negative comments which you made about yourself, create a positive statement.  (For instance, if you said that you always spend any money that you have, you could create a statement such as "I appreciate the money that I have and I manage it responsibly.")

9.  From your list of positive statements, pick the one which feels the most empowering and create 3 supporting statements/experiences for it.  For instance, if your statement is "I appreciate the money that I have and I manage it responsibly," your supporting statements could be that you pay your bills on time, you once saved for a major purchase and that in the past, a friend complimented you on your math skills.  You could also use examples of others who are doing what you want to do or of your commitment to improving your thoughts as your supporting statement.

10.  Decide to read, write or recite your affirmation and its supporting statement once a day  .

11.  Schedule time 2 weeks from now to review your responses and to assess your progress.  Has the belief lessened?  Have you noticed any change in your thinking or behavior?  How do you now relate to others?

Bonus:  How do your limiting beliefs affect your ability to tolerate change or to take risks?

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