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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Pulling Out The Weeds

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Affirmations are nice and visualizations are useful as well.  List of goals and action steps also are important with personal change.  Another important part of personal transformation is pulling out the weeds, clearing our limiting thoughts and behaviors.  I think this is more crucial than any of the other steps because it gives us a better understanding of ourselves.  Why do you do what you do?  What beliefs do you have about yourself?  How comfortable are you with compliments or criticism? These questions are helpful so that whatever sub-programming we're operating on doesn't suddenly rear its head and snatch away whatever progress we've made in life whether it's with weight loss, a job promotion or a stable relationship.

This is a gradual process and one that needs repeating.  Most of us are unlikely to change overnight or after having done one weeding exercise.  This process could be repeated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  It's designed to get us to see whatever beliefs and actions are keeping us from living the life we wish to live, as well as to recognize what progress we have made in life.  If you want you can skip this exercise and go directly to creating your goals and action steps for the New Year.  If, though, you've had difficulty with maintaining change then hopefully this post will help.

What are your limiting thoughts/beliefs?  (Limiting thoughts could range from believing that you're not smart enough to graduate from college to thinking that you can't live without your daily diet soda, etc.)

Where did this thought originate?  From a bad experience?  A TV show?  Something that someone told you when you were 8?

For at least 3 of the thoughts that have the strongest hold on you, list how this thought is helping you and harming you.

What behaviors/habits are keeping you from changing?

How comfortable are you with change?  (Very comfortable, Comfortable enough, Highly uncomfortable)

How comfortable are you with taking risks?  (Very comfortable, Comfortable enough, Highly uncomfortable)

What mistakes/less-than-ideal experiences occurred to you this year?  What did you learn?  How will you do better next time?

What mistakes/less-than-ideal experiences occurred to you this week?  What did you learn?  How will you do better next time?

What are your limiting thoughts/beliefs about 2 of your goals?

As wonderful and beautiful as you are, what's one thought that you will change about yourself/your life this week?

During the week, note any negative comment that you make about yourself...especially the ones that just seem to escape automatically out of you.

Be sure to keep your list of limiting beliefs.  We'll work on it some more next week.  I understand that these questions or inner work business can be tedious for some and perhaps you've read through this post without answering the questions.  I understand:  life is busy.  If you want to make this upcoming year a different one for you, schedule time to return to this post and answer the questions.  Or if one question touches a sore spot then answer that one question.  I'll be answering these questions and doing my inner work as well!

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