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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Business Ready - Post 6 A Tale of Two Web Sites

source:  Emily Carlin
I've finished creating 2 websites:
Optimal Habits

Optimal Readers

Optimal Habits will change to as soon as the domain name transfer goes through.  I'd imagined that I could have just transferred the name with a couple of clicks but it seems it takes more than that.  I'm using which allowed me to create my site for free.  I like that I can download audio and video at no cost.  I do though want to increase the size of some of the pre-set tabs.  Also, from my experience, you have to type text directly onto the page.  For most pages, you can't copy and paste not even internally.  Perhaps I should check their support page about this.

Optimal Readers is an online women's book club which will start in February 2011.  My plan is that we'll read books related to self-growth, personal finances and health.  I also hope to do some teleconferencing as part of our monthly meeting.  Members can interact on the forum, create their own members page and access the site's blog.  You can find out more about the site by clicking here

Also, have completed the Optimal Habits December newsletter.  In preparation for the New Year, I wrote a brief article on mindset.  You can sign up for the newsletter for free on the right.

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