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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Standing in Line

The other line moves faster. 
Etorre's Observation

I'm not a huge fan of lines.  My preference is to get what I want, pay for the purchases and then head out of the store.  Well, neither life nor soap operas go exactly as expected. 

Here then are some ideas to manage standing in line while maintaining your glowy aura.  : )  If you wish, you can also listen to "The Holidays:  Staying Healthy, Staying Sane"  which offers tips on holiday shopping, standing in line, and healthy eating while at the mall.

1. Take 5 slow deep breaths to calm yourself down

2. Repeat a calming affirmation to yourself.  
    Examples from  
    My mind is calm.
    I take deeper, longer, more relaxed breaths.
   I am always calm and relaxed.  My thoughts are under my control.

3. Practice compassion for the other people standing in line and for the cashiers working at the register.

4. On the other end, maximize your time - read, check your e-mail, update your cell phone’s contacts, input your goals into your cell phone’s memo pad, , review your to-do list, clean out your pockets, adjust your attire, wipe your forehead, etc.

5. Use your imagination and create a story for the other people standing in line. Or imagine how your would photograph or report such a scene.

6. Think of a healthy/relaxing reward, you’ll give yourself for "undergoing" the holiday shopping experience.

See if one of those suggestions work for you. Or create your own strategy for waiting in line.  Feel free to leave any feedback or comments.  Also, I'll finish my website soon if you wish to check it out! 

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