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Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 29 Time Tracking

Tomorrow will conclude our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan.  For today, we're continuing to work on our final theme of managing time.  Here's the plan: 

1.  Rate our life (see link below) and time management skills

2.  Track how we manage our time from morning to noon/noon to evening

3.  List 3 ways to improve our time management skillsHere are some suggestions -
     Prioritizing schedule
     Planning week
     Weekly tracking progress on a certain goal
     Continuing to track how we manage time
     Doing the hardest...or easiest activity first
     Scheduling time to work on our projects
     Reducing commitments
     "Pausing" before deciding to become involved in something
     Reducing time spent on the computer, watching TV, on the phone
     Knowing priorities
     Venting about having to do something...and then doing it
     Focusing on one task at a time
     Reviewing to-do list throughout day
     Resting - sometimes we feel too tired to do something and procrastinate

Here's a rough idea of tomorrow's activities:
Review our Success Tool Kit
Update our list of completed projects - Which ones did we finish/avoid?  What can we get further help with?
Review progress on 30 Day Life Improvement Plan
Decide on a technique to keep us on track beyond this plan

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