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Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 5 Observing Complaints Pt. 3 of 5

We're now into Day 5 of our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan. This is also part 3 of our 5 part series on observing our complaints. Hopefully, yesterday's exercise was helpful.  (I made a pretty long list for both the advantages and disadvantages of complaining). 

For today‘s exercise, we’ll be working with the complaint list which we made on Day 3. A highlighter will be needed for this exercise or you could use the highlighting option on your computer. Step 2 is rather involved so have patience with that one!  : )

All right, so here are the 3 steps:

1.  Add any additional complaints, if needed, to Day 3's complaint list.  (Be sure to underline the complaint if it's one which you've expressed to another person).

2.  For the complaints that you have resolved, cut and paste them onto a separate document which will say “COMPLETED." If you’re not doing this on a computer you have the choice of crossing out the complaint and writing it onto a COMPLETED list or just simply crossing out the complaint. The COMPLETED list will help us with tracking what we’ve accomplished. You can edit the text on the list to reflect it’s completion.

3. For the remaining complaints, put a capital “U” in bold font to the left of a complaint that is urgent to you now.  Highlight complaints that have lasted for more than 3 months.  Note any complaints that are both urgent and have lasted for more than 3 months.   If you want you can the print document first and highlight by hand.

OK, that’s all for today. Tomorrow we‘ll work on comparing our complaint list with the unloading list which we made on Day 1.

Wish everyone a great Friday!

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