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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is...

Today, entrepreneur-extraordinaire Diddy turns 41.  I was reading about him online during the weekend and it was pretty fascinating to read the ups-and-downs of his life.  Often, we see the results of a successful person's hard work without realizing what got him/her there.

I'm not saying that I adore everything about Diddy.  He's got his flaws but from a business sense his resilience and drive are admirable. 

In addition to "Diddy Day," today is also National Men Make Dinner Day and Use Your Common Sense Day, those two days will eventually be obsolete.  I know a lot of men who enjoy cooking.  Moreover, in some countries, it's common for a man to cook dinner.  In any case, I suppose this is a day for those men who abstain from cooking to bond with the oven.

This year's theme for Use Your Common Sense Day is not to text while driving or walking.  (Confession: I added in that last part.)  If you're curious, here's some worthy  info from on the history of this revered day -
 A day celebrating common sense in business and in life—on Will Rogers’s birthday. Rogers said, “Common sense ain’t all that common.” On this day don’t ignore your common sense—use it. Do at least one thing your common sense tells you to do: stop smoking for a day, have a talk with your children, begin an exercise program, etc.

Coaching Questions:
What habit could you stop or try for today?  Perhaps if you're a guy who hasn't cooked, you could combine the two "holidays" and cook a simple dinner.  OK, I know, some people may say that's not using common sense but the key word here is "simple."

Is it easy or difficult for you to do what is beneficial  for you?

What available resources (people/material) can help you with changing a habit?

If you tried to not text while driving today, how did it go?

OK, that's it for the questions.  Let's agree to continue using common sense throughout the year.    Wish everyone a SUCCESSFUL day!

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