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Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 8 Challenges and Strengths

We're now heading into our second week of our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan.  During this week, we'll work on "Creating a Success Environment."  Today's exercise should take about 30 minutes.  Here's the plan for Day 8:

Rate your life and your commitment (see Day 2).  Tip - Since we'll be rating ourselves for the upcoming weeks, you can create a table with the weeks in the horizontal heading and the life categories in the vertical column to rate yourself. 

List your strengths

Name at least 2 challenges that you've had during your life.  What strengths did you discover from the experience? 

Up and coming...
Day 9
Describe our Ideal Day
Declutter for 15 minutes
You can also click on this link to listen to a "talk"about "Finding Your Inner Strength."

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