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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Word You Can't Use Today

Today, November 1, besides being Day 1 of the 30 Day Life Improvement Plan, is The Absolutely Should-less Day  The goal of this rare day is to give up your "shoulds." 

Here's an excerpt from the blog by Damon L. Jacobs: 

WELCOME to the 3rd Annual Give Up Your "Shoulds" Day!  I couldn't be happier to celebrate this holiday again and to hear all the "shoulds" that people are willing to give up for a day.  Remember: Giving up a "should" does not necessarily mean you are going to do drastically different things.  It may mean doing the exact same things differently.  Either way you get to wake up on a Monday morning without having all the "shoulds" weigh you down. 

You can enhance this day by letting people know about it and, as appropriate, you can remind them about this day if you hear them using the word "should" on you or themselves.  Key phrase here is "as appropriate."  : )

Here are some tips on observing this day -
Instead of should, use the following words:  can, will, want, plan, decide, choose, prioritize, prefer

You can list your "shoulds" and decide which ones you will do and which you aren't committed to doing now

Appreciate what you can do and have done!

OK, and yes, I am aware that I've violated this day by using the word "should" but it was for a good cause.  : )

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