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Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 11 Who Encourages You?

Continuing with our Life Improvement  Plan, we're now working on creating a Success Tool Kit.  The list of our strengths and of what we enJoy will be part of our tool kit.  Today's exercise should take about 30 minutes.  Here's the plan for Day 11:

1.  List people who support/motivate/encourage you.

2.  Review your list of projects/priorities:  Is there someone with specialized knowledge who can help you with your project?  Create another list of people who can help you with your priorities.  On the same list, make another category of resources which help you with your priorities, i.e., books, videos, Internet sites, organizations

3.  What are you grateful for?  "What's great about your life?" as Tony Robbins would say.  : )  In other words, make a gratitude list. 

Coming next....
Day 12
Read & print an article about a person who inspires you
Read an article related to your main project
Create a list of at least 5/more quotes that inspire you

Also, this weekend we'll work more on decluttering and for next week, we'll focus on renewing our energy. We'll be working on our sleeping, eating and fitness habits.  If you want to be ready for next week, you can decide on 2/more energizing foods to add to your "menu."  Using the links below, find what works best for you.  For instance, I don't "endorse" all of the foods mentioned in the article but it may suit someone else's eating style.

Of course, use common sense on this program and the standard of checking with a medical professional before beginning a health/fitness program applies here.

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