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Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 27 Declutter Your Schedule

Welcome to Day 27 of our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan.  As we're nearing the end of this plan, we're working on our time management skills by focusing on our main project.  For this day, we're removing both the physical clutter and the schedule/commitment clutter in an effort to "free" up more time in our lives.  Here's today's plan:
1.  Declutter for 1 hour

2.  Look at our schedule/commitments to see if there's anything which can be "decluttered" as well

For tomorrow, we'll...
Decrease our technology habit
Give ourselves a mini-spa treatment (deep breathe/meditation/foot massage, etc)
List what we want to do less of and think of ways to delegate, eliminate or group such activities

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