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Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 20 A Time to Declutter, A Time to Exercise

We' re nearing the end of this week's theme of renewing our energy.  If you've tried some of the activities during this week--sleeping more, eating more energizing foods, tracking your food and mood, doing a scalp massage,etc--and wish to make it a daily habit, feel free to do so.  After all, it's difficult to get the full benefit of eating more energizing foods, if you've only done so for one day!

All righty, so here's the plan for today -
1.  Continue to track how people affect your mood - Just to clarify, you can chart how people affect your mood by noting the time, the person and the effect.  Some interactions can raise your energy levels but the boost could be due to nervousness so for me, it's useful to track if my energy level went up/down and also to specify the reason.  I also include significant online interactions (e-mails, chats, etc) that affect me.  Do be reasonable, if you're reading 20 e-mails or talking to 50 people during the day, then you just note the 5 interactions that affected your mood.

2.  Fitness - Try a new exercise.  If you wish to continue with the additional 5 minutes of fitness (Day 19), you can also do so.

3.  Declutter - 1 hour:  Decluttering can help if you're low on energy and dealing with overwhelm.  Again, if 1 hour doesn't fit into your schedule, do what's practical and acknowledge yourself for taking action in clearing your space and increasing your energy.

4.  Visualize - For 2 minutes, visualize yourself as having more energy.  (See Day 18)

--Also, today or tomorrow, do an activity from your enJoy List (Day 10)---

Here's the plan for tomorrow:
Day 21
Reduce technology habit
1/2 spa day - soak/facial/pedicure/manicure/meditate
Foot massage
Review Success Tool Kit

...and our daily routine so far-
Continuing to work on our 4 projects
Increasing our sleep, if needed
Deep breathing
Scalp Massage (optional)
Proper posture
Eating more energizing foods
Tracking how people affect our mood (energy level)
*If you're doing a daily affirmation, that's also great!

Before we transition into our next theme of managing time, we'll spend a few days reviewing what we've worked on so far.  Almost every day we've been doing a different activity so I think it'd be wise for us to pause and review.  ; ) 

Of course, use common sense on this program and the standard of checking with a medical professional before beginning a health/fitness program applies here.

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