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Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 13 Affirmative!

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

Believe it or not but we're close to the half-way mark for our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan.  We're also almost finished with creating our success environment.  Today's exercise could take about 2 hours:  Tomorrow's exercise will be "lighter" in case you need to catch up with the past week's exercises.

Here's today's plan -

1.  Create empowering affirmations - Create an affirmation that connects with you
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**This is a more involved way of creating an empowering affirmation but you can first examine any limiting beliefs that you may have and extract affirmations from that.  Some limiting beliefs could be:  Life is hard; Work shouldn't be fun; I never have good luck; Rich people are greedy; Exercise is painful.   

2.  Look at inspiring images--In books, magazines or on the computer look at images which inspire you.  You can do a search in Google by selecting "Images" and then typing keywords such as "dream house" "calm" "Kyoto" "healthy food" or any phrase that relates to your priorities.  You can print images from the computer or if the magazine belongs to you, cut out inspiring images.

3.  Declutter for 1 hour--I've noticed that when I declutter I am more at ease and my place feels lighter.  If you're emotionally up to it, remove items that don't fit into your current life and that keep you from moving forward.  (For instance, junk food if you want to be healthy or outdated clothing if you want to have an updated look)  If an hour doesn't fit into your schedule for today, you can declutter for whatever time is manageable for you.  Or schedule decluttering for later this month. 
Bonus - You can make a list of items that need fixing and also of equipment/material that you need to accomplish your priorities--running shoes, ink cartridge, water filter, etc.  With the holiday season coming up, this list could be handy.  : )

For tomorrow we'll...
Reduce our technology use (Watch less TV/silence the cell phone for 2 hrs/no computer during the evening)
Make a cover page for our Success Tool Kit
Review our progress with our list of projects/priorities

For next week, we'll focus on improving our energy. We'll be working on our sleeping, eating and fitness habitsIf you want to be ready for next week, you can decide on 2/more energizing foods to add to your "menu."  Using the links below, find what works best for you.  For instance, I don't "endorse" all of the foods mentioned in the article but it may suit someone else's eating style.

Of course, use common sense on this program and the standard of checking with a medical professional before beginning a health/fitness program applies here.

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