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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Gearing Up for the Big Holiday Meal


With Thanksgiving coming, I figure I'd offer some suggestions on handling the big meal.  Here are my 4 suggestions on what to do before the meal:

1. Eat during the day -You can eat lighter than usual so you’ll have some room in your stomach for the upcoming meal.

2. Exercise - Take a walk, workout at the gym or at home

3. Visualize - Visualize how you’ll eat during the meal. Will you load your plate up? Are there some favorites that you’re looking forward to eating? Do you want to feel stuffed after the meal or satisfied?

4. Practice deep breathing

If you want, you can listen to additional suggestions on "The Holidays:  Staying Healthy, Staying Sane  Pt. 1 of 3."

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