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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 30 The Finale : )


Alas, this month is over and our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan is also coming to a close.  Congratulations to everyone for making it this far!  Here's the plan for Day 30:

1.  Review our Success Tool Kit

2.  Update our list of completed projects - Which ones did you finish/avoid?  What can you get further help with? (Check or update list of resources from Success Tool Kit)

3.  Review progress on 30 Day Life Improvement Plan - How's your life progressing?  Have you experienced any changes or learning anything new about yourself? 

4.  Decide on a technique to keep us on track beyond this plan - Is there a technique or activity from the 30 Day Life Improvement Plan that you will continue using?

Don't forget you can also, go back to the previous days or themes if you want to review or re-do an activity.  Additionally, if you wish you can have an affirmation/visualization that relates to your main project.  Some of the activities such as tracking your food & mood, unloading your thoughts and so on could be extended for a week or more!  I'd suggest continuing to weekly track your progress in the life categories such as physical health, emotional health, career/business and so on as a way to continue to manage your life.  Be patient with yourself and remember to keep decluttering and deep breathing!  : )

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