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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - A Short Post on Positivity


You are what you think about all day long ---Dr. Wayne Dyer

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the news and how it can affect us...usually in a negative, disempowering way.  Recently, I came across some sites that have some positive tributes to 'em so I figured I'd share the links here.  There are, of course, other sites that you can refer to for positive news/information.



Positive Words



My 5 and 1/2 Sentences on Positive Thinking  : )
By becoming more aware of what we think, we can better manage and even change our thoughts.  Some people may think negatively to shield themselves from disappointment.  If you don't try, you can't fail....but you also can't succeed.  Consistently, thinking positive does take time and I won't pretend that I've mastered it.  Hopefully, the links above can help if you want to have more positive thoughts.  Below are some additional questions to consider:

Overall, are you more comfortable with being postive (optimistic) or negative (pessimistic)?

Is your optimism/pessimism acquired or have you always been that way?  If acquired, why?

Are you a pessimist on some topics/life areas but an optimist on other topics/life areas? (Life areas referring to your physical/mental/emtional health, career/business, finances, relationships, etc.)  

Who are the positive people in your life?

If you're an optimist how do you view pessimists?  If a pessimist, how do you view optimists?

Bonus Challenge -  For 3 days or more, see if you can find two things positive to say for every negative news story/gossip/complaint that you express to someone.  This may be a bit jarring for the listener but see if you can make a conscious effort to find something positive to share with people.  If this is already you...then keep up the good work! : )

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