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Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 18 Energizing Foods, Energizing You!

We are indeed much more than what we eat,
but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.
Adelle Davis

For today, we'll continue to track our food and mood.  We'll also learn about eating more energizing foods and decreasing the energy zapping foods.  Finally, we'll practice visualizing ourselves with more energy.  All right, so here are the 3 steps. 

1.  Continue to track your food and mood.  (See Day 17 for more info.)
Remember again, to take 2 slowwww deep breaths before eating as a way to relax yourself

2.  Learn more about energy increasing and decreasing foods.  What are two energizing foods that you will add to your eating plan?  Are there any energy draining foods that you need to decrease?  You can click on the links below or learn more about this topic via books/Internet sites.  Also, view your food&mood journal from yesterday:  Are there any foods/beverages which lowered your energy?
Energizing Foods

Energy Zapping Foods

3.  For 2 minutes, visualize yourself as having more energy.   How would you feel waking up?  How would you move?  Would you have more patience with people? What kinds of foods would you eat?  You can look at inspiring images to help you with visualizing. 

To visualize, you can start by simply sitting still/lying down, closing your eyes and imagining a more energized you.  Also, if this is new to you, have patience.  Below is further info on visualizing.  Just an FYI, the visualization exercise in the posted link will take longer than 2 minutes:

Here's a rough idea of what's ahead:
Day 19
Track how people affect your mood
Fitness - Add 5 min/more to routine or walk for 5 min, if you're new to fitness
Schedule an activity from your enJoy List for the weekend

Day 20
Continue to track how people affect your mood
Fitness - Try a new exercise
Declutter - 1 hour
Visualize - 2 min

Day 21
Reduce technology habit
1/2 spa day - soak/facial/pedicure/manicure/meditate
Foot massage
Review Success Tool Kit

Here's a reminder about our daily routine so far-
Continuing to work on our 4 projects
Increasing our sleep, if needed
Deep breathing
Scalp Massage (optional)
Proper posture
Tracking our food and mood
*If you're doing a daily affirmation, that's also great!

Next week, we'll transition into managing our time.  Again, do what you can for this week!

Of course, use common sense on this program and the standard of checking with a medical professional before beginning a health/fitness program applies here.

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