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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 10 Make an enJoy List!

We're now 1/3 of the way into our Life Improvement Plan.  Hopefully, you're seeing some changes in your life or at least you're beginning to think more about the life you'd like to live.  Have patience with this and, as always, congratulate yourself for taking time to improve your life.  For today, we'll review our list of projects/priorities and we'll add yet another list to our growing collection.  Here's today's plan -
1.  Review the list of priorities which you created on Day 6
     How are you progressing with your main priority?
     Do you need to schedule your listed priorities into your day?

2.  Create an enJoy List - List what you enjoy doing or what brings you joy. 
     You can list anything big or small here.  What counts is that it's something that
     uplifts/relaxes you.  For additional ideas, you can also look at your Ideal Day
     to see if it includes any activities that you'd like to do more of.

And next....
Day 11
List people who support and encourage you
List resources - people and information that can help you with your projects/challenges
List what you're grateful for

As a reminder, next week, we'll focus on improving our energy.  We'll be working on our sleeping, eating and fitness habitsOf course, use common sense on this program and the standard of checking with a medical professional before beginning a health/fitness program applies here.

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