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Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 19 Today's Exercise...

For today, instead of tracking food and mood, we'll track how people affect our mood/energy levels.  We'll also work on the more active part of "increasing "our energy by boosting our fitness level.  Here's today's plan:

1.  Track how people affect your mood - As much as possible, monitor how people affect your mood (energy level).  Write down or note in your cell phone's memo pad how some interactions affected your mood.

2.  Flexibility- Do you struggle to touch your toes?  Are you stiffer than you used to be?  If so, try the exercises in the link below to help with increasing your flexibility.  Do, however, use caution and avoid overextending yourself.  (See my disclaimer at end of entry.)

3.  Fitness - Challenge yourself by adding 5 min/more to your fitness routine.  Or walk for 5 min, if you're new to fitness.  If you're just beginning an exercise routine, see if there's someone you trust who can give you advice on fitness. 
Fitness Test

4.  Schedule an activity from your enJoy List (Day 10) for the weekend

Do what you can manage for today and remember to practice your deep breathing exercises!

Here's a rough idea of what's ahead -

Day 20
Continue to track how people affect your mood
Fitness - Try a new exercise
Declutter - 1 hour
Visualize - 2 min

Day 21
Reduce technology habit
1/2 spa day - soak/facial/pedicure/manicure/meditate
Foot massage
Review Success Tool Kit

Our daily routine so far-
Continuing to work on our 4 projects
Increasing our sleep, if needed
Deep breathing
Scalp Massage (optional)
Proper posture
Eating more energizing foods
Tracking how people affect our mood (energy level)
*If you're doing a daily affirmation, that's also great!

Next week, we'll work on managing our time.  We'll focus on our list of projects/priorities and we'll utlilize our Success Tool Kit.
Of course, use common sense on this program and the standard of checking with a medical professional before beginning a health/fitness program applies here.

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