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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Day Life Improvement Plan - Day 3 Observing Complaints Pt. 1 of 5

We’re now on our Day 3 of our 30 Day Life Improvement Plan, so this day is actually part 1 of a 5 part exercise on observing our complaints. For this exercise, we'll be listing our complaints--both the ones we voice to others and those which we keep to ourselves.  Depending on how many complaints you have, this exercise could take 15 minutes or longer. If you're doing this by hand, paper and 2 pens (one in red ink/contrasting color) will be needed. For those who are doing this from their computer, you can just underline the relevant text as described in step 2.

The purpose of this exercise which is part of our Mental Detox theme is to give us a chance to be more aware of our complaints.

1.  List all complaints that occur to you as well as those you recall having voiced today. If you wish you can randomly list your complaints or you can use the life categories from the 10/10/10 posting to note any complaints that you have for those categories.

2.  Once you’ve finished listing your complaints, you’ll now note the complaints which you’ve had within the last two weeks. If you’re doing this by hand, put a red check mark next to any such complaints. If on the computer, you'll use the underlining option to note such complaints.  Additionally, for those using the computer, you don’t need to print this document yet because we’ll be updating it in a couple of days.

Here's the outline for the upcoming days
Day 4 Pt 2
Note people, if any, who complain around you and the general subject of their complaint

Do you also share the same complaints?
For you, what are the advantages and disadvantages to complaining?

Day 5 Pt 3
Update your complaints and print list
Highlight complaints that have lasted for more than 3 months
Highlight complaints that are urgent to you now

Day 6 Pt 4
Pick 4 complaints that you can resolve by next week

Day 7 Pt. 5
Tech Free/Limited Technology Day
No complaints - make an effort to not complain 

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