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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Before Valentine's

Did you know that there's another holiday before Valentine's?  It's called Madly in Love With Me Day and it was created by Christine Arylo.  As her web website describes it, the aim of the day is "to make a commitment to self love.." So whether you're singular or plural, here are some suggestions on enjoying the day

1.  Have some quiet time for yourself.

2.  Read a book that you enjoy.

3.  Go for a walk.  Not so much to burn calories but simply to enjoy the day.  (This applies if the weather is comfortable enough for walking!)

4.  Take a class or do something fun that you might not have gotten around to doing (getting a facial, scalp massage, sitting in a park).

5.  Write in your journal on a theme of your own or as a response to one or more of the following:
a.  What's great about you?  List your strengths, your uniqueness, your winning moments.  Recall compliments that people have given you on anything related to you--your point of view, hairstyle, clothes, laugh, facial expressions, business sense, sensitivity, etc.  Or maybe you've never been complimented on this skill/quality but you appreciate it nonetheless.
b.  What's great about your life?  What do you enjoy about your life as it is right now?  In spite of whatever current challenges your facing, focus your attention on the positive in your life.  Have you created meaningful friendships?  Have you taken the leap into becoming an entrepreneur?
c.  What are some of your dream goals?  What would you one day like to do?  What do you imagine yourself doing even though it seems far away from your current circumstances?
d.  Who are the people that have most influenced you?
e.  Who are the people that you've influenced or in some way inspired and how?

Hope everyone enjoys Madly In Love With Me Day and spreads the word about this day to their friends and family members!  Also, you can visit the site for your own free self-love kit.

(My Disclaimer:  Am not an affiliate.)

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