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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Business/Life Lessons from Angelina Jolie


Back in October, I came across a Vanity Fair article  "Direct from Angelina" about Angelina Jolie.  The article gave the reader a peek into the life of Ms. Jolie and her combo screenwriting/directorial debut for In the Land of Blood and Honey.  Within the article were some indirect lessons that one could apply to business/life.  Here goes...
"I've noticed that you don't play a lot of girl-next-door types." (reporter)

"Yeah," she said laughing..."I went on a few of those auditions when I was younger and they told me I should just quit."

Know your brand...and if you don't know it, discover it.  While Jolie may not have had much success with being the wholesome girl-next-door, she has had more success in roles that require adventure, daring and moxy. 

Keep persisting until you find the formula/product/career/relationship that works for you.  Had Jolie gotten stuck with auditioning for the girl-next-door roles and attempted to mold herself into that, she probably wouldn't be as successful as she is today.  By auditioning for other roles, Jolie was able to discover a brand which felt more aligned to her personality.

"There's a famous quote," she said.  "If it doesn't scare you, it's not worth doing.'  I think there's truth to that.  I love being home with my kids.  I love simple things and wonder why I can't just enjoy them and live that kind of life.  But I wouldn't be happy.  I wouldn't feel my life is of much worth."

Take risks.  Granted we all don't have to get our pilots licenses or become ambassadors for the UNHCR but with growing a business there are risks required.  If you're like me and prefer a moneyback guarantee to life, then you can strengthen your risk muscle by taking small steps into uncertainty by trying a new food, handing someone your business card, getting feedback on a new business concept.  Who knows?  the person you hand your card to may be your next client.

"I've never valued somebody's opinion of me over my own sense of right and wrong." 

Trust yourself:  Just as Jolie, had to believe in herself in spite of being rejected on auditions.  Remember to trust your inner wisdom.  Is this always easy?  Nope, at times, it can make you the object of ridicule and set you apart from the majority of people.  Whether people catch up with your or you go back to the drawing board with your idea, at least you'll know that you followed your gut.

Which of these concepts are you already living? 

Which quality do you wish to strengthen?

How can you apply one of these lessons to your life/business?

Whether you're in business or not, how would you define your unique "brand"?

Hope you've enjoyed this post.  As an update, my life coaching business has transformed and is now called A Singular Life.  If you're an overwhelmed single women, you can visit my website or blog to learn more.

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