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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fitting It In

Originally when I thought of doing this post about a month ago, my idea was to share what I'd learned about fitness over the last 6 months or so.  I was going to explain how I was going to the gym more and doing more daily push-ups.  Now, that it's been almost a month since I've visited the gym, I realized I'd better rethink this post to fit my current fitness activities.

While I do like the gym, I have been an infrequent visitor to my local fitness center.  So in place of going to the gym, I continue to find other opportunities to fit in exercise.

Whether you have a gym membership or not, here are some ideas to hold you over  between gym lapses:

1.  Walk/take the stairs when possible.  While I'm not equating walking to a 30 minute bout on the Stairmaster, it is that "something" which is better than that "nothing" of sitting around all day.  Some movement is better than none.  Walking is free, low-impact and a cool way to see the neighborhood.

2.  Dance.  Music, movement, convenience. 

3.  Workout video.  You can buy, borrow or watch workouts on  Other sites such as, have workout clips that you can also be inspired by.

4.  Adjust your eating.  If you're doing less cardio, adjust your eating to fit your less strenuous lifestyle.  In other words, you may want to eat less fried foods and more green vegetables.  As with exercise, moderation is key.  I'm definitely not advocating starving or extreme dieting here.

5.  Staying calm.  Exercise is not only great for burning calories but also for releasing stress.  So if you've recently decreased your workouts, find another way to release stress via deep breathing, meditating, journaling.

By doing at least a few of the above tips, your body will be better equipped to support you when you do make that visit to the gym.

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