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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - A 2-Step Challenge Exercise

All right, will launch right into the 2 steps....

1.  Think of 2 successes whether it's learning to tie your shoes or having an article published you've had and extrapolate the strengths you demonstrated or gained.  What did you have to do to achieve the success?  What qualities did you display in reaching your goal?  Did you even think it was possible for you to succeed?

2.  Next, think of a current challenge or obstacle you're facing and imagine what strengths you'll acquire or increase by overcoming it.  For instance, having a money challenge could teach you to be smarter about personal finance, to appreciate life's non-monetary aspects and to strengthen your inner resilience.*  Having a clutter challenge could teach you to be cautious about the items you acquire and to value organizing systems. 

What's the point? 
By reflecting on how your current challenges will strengthen you, you can appreciate the gifts that these challenges will bring.  You can also keep these gifts in mind when your challenges are especially challenging.

(Please note, I'm not trying to be flip or blithely dismiss people who have a financial challengeI'm not saying, "It's great that you're broke!" but I'm supportive of us learning from our challenges)

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