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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - What's the Benefit?

This post is geared towards someone who may have started a new habit, say around January or so, and then dropped it.  Or if you were inspired by last week's post and yet haven't managed to adjust your morning routine, then this post is to have you focus on the benefit of a new habit or routine.

The idea is to think of as many benefits as possible to a new habit which you wish to undertake.  Hopefully, during those moments when your motivation lags or you experience a relapse, then by remembering the benefits, you can have a positive result to move you forward.  Or if the consequences of not adopting a new habit motivate you, then you can list that as well.  For instance, you can ask yourself, what will your life be like in 5 years if this habit continues.

So, here's how this will work.

1.  Decide which new habit you want to adopt for this year.

2.  List the benefits of adopting the new habit.

3.  Take a 30 minute break, again list any other benefits that come to mind to adopting this new habit.  Here are some questions:  How would you feel when you're free of your old habit?  Who could you inspire?  How much money could you save?    How much time would you save?  What else could you do by establishing this new habit?  What new people would you meet or new environment would you be in?  What fears or limiting beliefs about yourself would you eliminate?

4.  Over the next 14 days, either in the morning or night, review the list of benefits.  If reviewing the list of benefits leaves you feeling indifferent, search for more worthwhile benefits or decide if you're truly committed to adopting a new habit.

When adopting a new habit you'll have to alter/eliminate an old habit which while a part of you may want to give up, another part of you may still be clinging to.  So practice patience and kindness with yourself and celebrate the progress that you make, whether it's starting a morning yoga practice or finally getting rid of your stack of old newspapers.

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