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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - About "To-Dos"

This was a thought that occurred to me yesterday because there are some to-dos on my list which I haven't completed.  I haven't implemented this myself yet but will see how it work when I do.  Essentially, if there's something on your to-do list that you can't get around to you can list 3 examples of one of the following...
1.  How you'll feel when the task is done (relieved, energized, calm)
2.  Your reason for wanting/having to do a certain task (you promised someone you'd do something, it's a key step in a larger project, there's a deadline)
3.  The benefits (you'll help someone else, you'll feel healthier, you won't have to keep re-writing it on your to-do lists.)

Hope you/we have a chance to give this a try....or then again, it's even better if we don't delay our to-dos and therefore not have to resort to this tactic.  : )

Wish everyone a great week!

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