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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - 3 Questions on the 5-Minute Habit

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This is a lengthier version of an entry which I did on Facebook a couple of months ago.

The 5-Minute Habit....What is it?  Who has it?  How much does it cost?  I'm going to roll up my sleeves and tackle these ever so urgent questions one-by-one.

What is it?
The 5-Minute Habit is a simple way of working on your goals.  You can absolutely spend more than 5 minutes working on a goal but for those of you who are living jam-packed lives. The 5-Minute Habit is an simple way to make consistent progress on your goals. 

Since the 5-Minute Habit depends on the goal that you're working on, it's important that you first specify what your goals are.  Next, you think of some small way of working toward your goal.  For instance, I'm launching a life coaching business.  My 5-Minute Habit is to brainstorm on a topic that relates to my business.  I can brainstorm on the same topic, e.g., My Ideal Client, Marketing Strategies, or a different topic depending on my need.

The 5-Minute Habit allows me to daily move toward my goal.  It's easy and quick enough for me to do that even when I'm tired-tired, it's hard for me to persuade myself to not do it.

The following are some additional 5-Minute Habit suggestions -
To read about a topic that interests you--politics, finance, health, time management, finding a job

To add 5 more minutes of cardio or stretching to your exercise routine

To write on a theme that interests you

To slow down your eating pace and focus on the texture,taste, smell of your food

To meditate

To straighten your room/desk

To arrive at work earlier so that you don't feel rushed

To prepare to leave work earlier so you leave on time

To listen to a foreign language

To learn a new word and use it in a sentence or practice saying it

To be more aware of your surroundings...smells, sights, sounds, temperature

To do a gratitude journal

To list you successes for the day

To plan and prioritize your day

To practice listening deeply to someone - words used, pace of speech, tone of voice

As always, these are just suggestions and I'm confident that are lots of other 5-Minute Habits that could be created.

OK, now for the remaining questions: 
Who has it?  I do (that's kinda obvious)...and hopefully, you'll have a go at the 5-Minute Habit.

How much does it cost?  It doesn't necessarily cost money to have a 5-Minute Habit but it will, of course, be a "cost" in time.  Since this is time that you'll be taking to be healthier, smarter, wealthier, calmer or whatever else your goals are, then I think that it'll be a worthwhile investment.

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