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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Put Your Cell Phone to Work...Or Not

It's ironic that I'm writing a post about a cell phone because for years I was adamant about not having one.  Now after several years of using a cell phone, I have a like/dislike relationship with it.  Don't worry, I'm not going to write a lengthy tirade about mobile etiquette or cellular intrusion, instead I want to mention some coach-friendly ways of using your cell phone.

Alarm Clock - You can use it as a timer to remind yourself to do something or to stop doing something.  You can also, of course, use it to wake up in the morning.  If you want to watch just 40 minutes of TV or do 40 minutes of reading, you can set your alarm clock as a reminder.

Calculator - If you have financial goals and want to see how much you'd have to earn per month to achieve your goal, then your calculator instantly becomes a convenient tool.  You can also use it to see how much you'd need to save per month to take that longed-for vacation to Costa Rica or to buy the latest computer.

Calendar - I haven't done this myself, but you can use your calendar to remind yourself of goal milestones that you want to accomplish, in addition to important appointments or birthdays that you need to remember.

Memo Pad - This has a whole multitude of uses.  Some ideas are to note information to later look up; to add your life goals or weekly goals to it so that you can review them easily; to write a daily affirmation or empowering word to keep you inspired and focused.

Timer - If you think you may be spending too much time on a certain activity, you can time it to see how long it really is taking you.  Or if you want to time yourself to see how long you can do a plank pose, this is one way to do that.

Video Recorder - If you're really into goal-setting, then you can attempt to record yourself or have an understanding friend record you stating what your goals are.  You can look at this reminder during those times when you feel distracted or discouraged.

Voice Recorder - You can record your daily affirmation or your life goals into your voice recorder as a handy way of remembering your goals.  Hearing your voice say your daily affirmation, may make you feel a bit awkward at first but it can also make you feel more inspired or accountable.

Power Off/Silence Option - When all is said and done, don't forget that you can also take a break from your cell phone.  While technology is useful, it can be overwhelming at times, so when needed take a break from your phone and enjoy being "free" from technology. 

Just to note...If you decide to go on an extensive mobile "diet", you may want to warn your friends and family members, so they don't worry about any lengthy silence.  Yes, I do speak from experience on this one.  : )

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