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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oops, I forgot my keys!

I've been waiting all year for this day and it's finally, finally here:  Checklists Day!  Right now, I have a checklist for packing which comes in handy.  I made up the list because I got tired of having to create a packing list every time I was traveling. 

This morning, though, I thought of some additional actions that could be checklisted -
Time based occurrences - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly events/obligations

Long term projects/goals

Reminders before leaving the house - make sure you have keys, wallet, needed material; electricity is off

Packing a gym bag

Preparing for an errand

Grocery shopping


Visits to the doctor - have medical card; lists of medications, questions and health concerns with you

If you're in business, you could also create checklists for marketing yourself, maintaining your social media presence and so on.

More info on this day and the art of checklisting, can be found here


  1. Yo Shan!!! You sound GREAT on your audio. Good job. Keep em coming. Much love.

  2. You did it, G! Thanks for posting comment. You're the first! Many thanks. : )