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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Business Ready - Post 1

OK, so I have on my pinstriped shirt, am drinking coffee* and in about 30 minutes will be heading off to a more than 8 hour workshop titled "Starting and Managing Your Small Business."  Since it's Admissions Day in California, I conveniently enough have the day off.  Hopefully, when I leave this workshop I'll have a stronger idea on writting a business plan and starting a business.  Another hope is that the workshop will have some info on starting an online business.

*I'm not resuming my coffee habit and I plan to continue weaning myself from it.  Speaking of habits, has anyone had a chance to think about their good/bad habits or to do Le Bien et Mal exercise? 
Quick note on pronunciation for those who didn't study French in high school: "le" = "luh" and not "lay."

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