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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Business Ready - Post 1a

I ate some green vegetables today so I'm ready to do an update on the "Starting and Managing Your Small Business" workshop which I attended on Thursday    While the workshop was primarily geared toward bricks-and-mortar businesses, the trainers there were able to offer some advice on owning an online business.

Here's what I got from the workshop.  (My subtle disclaimer--Just to mention, this is info which is important to me.  In other words, you may need/prefer different advice for starting a business.)

1.  For marketing research, visit your library.  A business librarian should be there to assist you with your research.

2.  Some key people to have on your business journey - a mentor, a certified public accountant, a lawyer and an insurance agent.  Some of these people you may not need from Day 1 but as your business progresses, it's wise to be familiar with them.

3.  Don't sign something that you don't understand.  This is pretty basic advice, but important, nonetheless.  Ask a mentor, lawyer or someone whose legal advice you trust to before you sign a document that you're unclear about.  Again, you may want to check with your library to see if it has a Lawyers in the Library program,

4.  If you're starting a business in California and you haven't made a dime yet, then it's probably best to start off as a sole proprietorship unless, of course, you have a partnership.  Here's a link on the types of business entities,

5.  For health insurance, you can check to see if there's group insurance provided by an association related to your industry.

From what I've learned recently, I'd add that having a positive mindset is also excruiatingly important for starting a business and that it's wise to have "multiple streams of income" so that you're generating money in various ways.

The lead trainer did a great job of orchestrating the workshop.  All students were provided with an info packet and a CD-ROM with additional business advice. 

If you're interested, upcoming training dates for the "Starting and Managing Your Small Business" workshop in Oakland are 10/14, 11/18. There is a fee for the workshop. For more info, you can call 510-273-6611 or click on  You can also check this site for training in your area

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