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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Habits - Le Bien et Le Mal

We've all got habits, right?  Some of our habits helps us and some unfortunately harm us.  Often we focus on habits we want to eliminate but I think it's also useful to focus on habits to add to our lives.
So this is what I did about two weeks ago, as part of my EZ Detox Plan.
(You can also skip this and just read the questions at the bottom.) 
1.  I figured which areas of my life I wanted to focus on.  I chose 3:  Health, Time Management and Organizing. 

2.  Then, I listed my good (Le Bien) and my bad (Le Mal) habits.  For instance with "Health" a good habit is that I practice deep breathing and my bad habit (Le Mal) is that I undersleep. 

3.  After listing, Le Bien et Le Mal, I wrote some "Remedies" for my bad habits.  An obvious remedy is for me to sleep more.  : )

4.  From there, I had an idea about which habits I wanted to remove and which I'd like to add to my life.  New habit - Sleep 7+ hrs daily.  Am still working on that, by the way.

Q:  And the next step?  I made a shorter list of about 7 habits that I wanted to add to my life and and about 5 that I wanted to remove.

Q:  What's a faster way of doing this? 
a) Think of a positive habit that you've added to your life in the past and acknowledge the effort that it took.  b) List the first bad habit that comes to your mind. 
c) List 3 ways of eliminating/modifying it. 
d)  Put it to action!

Bonus- Read an article on changing your habit and implement one of the suggestions.

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