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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Officially, this is Day 6 of GO GREEN! but I want to take a bit of an electronic break tomorrow so I won't be updating my blog then.

Here's the plan for tomorrrow, Day 7:
Meditate - 10 min

Try to spend at least 2 waking hours with the computer, TV, radio, cell phone and phone off

Review and update ways to make more money

Write at least for 10 min about experience

Suggestions on going green -

Set your computer desktop to a scene of nature

Check the ingredients on a food/product that you consume

Appreciate your pet/plant

Create a daily affirmation of how you would improve the environment

Ask a money savvy person about advice they have on saving for retirement, buying a car, paying off a debt, etc.

Imagine what you would do if you had X amount of cash - how would you manage that money?

Create a daily affirmation related to having more financial wealth

List 3 things you can do this week to improve the environment/increase your wealth

Think of ways to improve the environment and to make/save money

Find an environmentally friendly business to support

Carry a tote bag to the grocery store - I need to work on this one

Subscribe to a newsletter to receive environmentally-friendly or financial tips

For a week, set your home page to a green one (environment/money)

Visit your local farmer's market

Drink green tea!

Online resources on going green -

Personal Wealth

Environment + Business

Wish everyone a great weekend!

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