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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My GO GREEN! program is my effort to learn more about the "green" aspects of life - the environment...and money.  

Day 2 - Meditate - 5 min
            Check bank accts/finances and/or read article related to improving your finances
The plan for today is to consider the other "green" in our lives, i.e. money.  My plan for to today is to review my finances and to read an article on a financial subject which interests me. 

I achieved my goals for Day 1.  I did a 5 min meditation, had a chance to look at the greenery in my neighborhood and had some green vegetables yesterday.  The meditation thing feels a bit awkward to me.  Hopefully, it'll feel a bit more natural in a week.  Then again, I could be rushing it.  ; )

If anyone has any advice on increasing wealth, they're more than welcome to post their comments.

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