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Saturday, September 25, 2010



The plan for Day 6 of GO GREEN! is -
Meditate - 10 min
Choose a household/grooming product to upgrade to an environmentally friendly one
Review financial goals

If you caught yesterday's post, you'll see that I mentioned that I'd be volunteering for the Creek to Bay Day in Oakland.  There was a cleanup happening nearby and I figured this would be my chance to GO GREEN! in a more active, yang way.  Well, that didn't quite work out.  I did go to the clean up site where I was informed that I needed to sign a waiver at the Port of Oakland.  I then backtracked to the port's offices where a kind man informed me that the cleanup was ending and that there were 2 separate groups doing the clean up.  (At the time, it was about 10:30 AM and since the time posted for the cleanup was 9-noon, I figured, I could breeze in and help with the litter cleanup within that time frame.  Apparently not.)  There also seemed to be confusion about the waiver form.  Or perhaps it was because the cleanup was ending and there was no need for it.  Who knows?

I suppose my Creek to Bay Day cleaning will have to wait 'til next year. 

Nonetheless, I've managed to go green today by buying an environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid and what I hope is an organic beauty product. 

I'm glad that it's the weekend because I need to catch up with the activities from Day 4 and 5 of going green

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